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computer : 2009. 4. 28. 12:10

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is a flash interpretation of the popular javascript lightbox of Lokesh Dhakar.

  • Images are opened in fullscreen mode
  • Thumbnails are created automatically by php scripts
  • Images are read automatically, you need only to pass the path to the folder containing images
  • Navigation is simple, which i consider it an advantage. No flying buttons that makes you move the mouse after them when a photo changes
  • If you click the photo, the next one will show; if you click outside, will exit fullscreen
  • You can expand the photos to show all in the flash area, without fullscreen (due to some limitation of the flash player you'll be able to decently expand it for a limit of 10-15 photos)
  • You can navigate through photos in the flash area without fullscreen
  • Light - 11k

This is just the starting of the project of course...

Sample: x


  • Download imaginLightbox V0.9 for html websites
  • Download haXe and swfmill source files
  • Download Flash CS3 source files
  • Flex source files soon


  • Open the index.php and watch for the javascript embed code
  • If you chose to use the files in other place they are by default, modify the path accordingly
  • Keep in mind that the path to the photos folders is relative to the path of the "ralcr_scripts" parent folder
  • Give chmod 777 to the folder containing the images
  • fs_bg_color is the color of the background when you're in fullscreen
  • wmode set to transparent will make the flash area transparent so you can see what's behind

If you chose to edit the imaginLightbox from sources, i'll appreciate if you keep the link to my website. Thank you!

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