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computer : 2009. 3. 12. 11:54

상용 못지 않은 무료 flash gallery.

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Imagin is a flash photo gallery that can organize photos into galleries and sub-galleries, and create slideshows from them. Or you can browse in a more html and faster way with mouse wheel.

Imagin works by pointing it to a folder that contains photos, everything else is automatic.


  • Can display: jpg, png, gif, swf, txt
  • Loading a few images in advance, for faster navigation
  • Deep linking - you can go to any state of the gallery by changing the URL, use back/forward browser buttons (html like)
  • Customizable interface: alignments for every element, sizes, cursor, font type
  • You can create your own pages with info. CSS support.
  • Keyboard navigation (Space, arrows, Escape), and mouse wheel navigation
  • Images scales down automatically to fit the browser window
  • Can read and display the IPTC metadata of the photo (Caption, City, Location - ex: lat=46.7700125&lon=23.5892987)
  • View photos as slideshow or in the classic way with scrollbar
  • Password protected galleries. Please, if you have nude art, do not hide them.

To finish, fix, implement

  • Admin panel (which will not be free)
  • Desktop executables
  • Lightbox
  • Lite version for simple slideshows

Reserved for the future

  • iPhone version
  • More extensible
  • Multiple languages

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